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The first three chapters follow the story of a half noble girl called Aida. It was my first ever visual novel project and was completely made in Adobe Flash by me.
Because it was my first time creating something other than a dress up game, the first three chapters have a bunch of bugs and technical problems but nevertheless, I love them very much.

Chapter 1: Play Chapter.1 here

Chapter 2: Play Chapter.2 here

Chapter 3: Play Chapter.3 here

Release Date: 2013-2014

Genre: Fantasy

Rating:  PG-13

Finding themselves in the middle of a conspiracy, Aida and her best friend Sky, fight to survive and protect the ones they love.
Meeting new people and perhaps even love while they travel all across Arunia.

* 3 different personalities for Aida.

* Appearance change for both Aida and her companions.

* 4 Romantic interests.

* Mini games.

* Free & Online.

A computer and Adobe Flash support.

Story: Rinmaru

Programming: Rinmaru

Artwork: Rinmaru

Music: Audiojungle, pond5

Engine/Program: Adobe Flash CS6