Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is X game coming out?

    The release date is written on the said game's page. If it says UNKNOWN, that means it's still early in development. Check out the blog for tips and teasers.

  • Is X game free?

    Some games are free and some are not. Check the said game's info page's "features" section for more information.

  • Where can I download X game?

    Check the said game's info page. There is a "download" tag, unless it's a browser based game or a game released on a different website.

  • Is X game proper for my age?

    Check the game's rating on said game's info page.

  • I use a MAC/LINUX/WINDOWS, can I still download X game?

    Usually the games are released for mac, linux and windows but please check the said game's info page for more information.

  • Is this an App? Can I download it to my phone?

    At the moment I only make games that can be played on a computer.

  • Why is the protagonists always female in your games?

    Until there are more female protagonists in games in general, I will keep making games with female protagonists.

  • My antivirus claims your game is a virus.

    That is called a false positive report. As long as you download the game from the file is safe. Many indie games can be flagged as a virus.