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#266 by WaterOracle
Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:04 am
Okay, so I noticed a lot of repeated questions in the testing forum and it’s hard to backtrack through all the pages to figure out the answers! So I thought I’d just compile what we know into a separate thread to make it easier on everyone! If I get anything wrong, or just plain forget anything, don’t hesitate to correct me!

Basic In Game Stuffs:
    To Skip Text : Hold ctrl
    To skip scene transitions: press ctrl
    To Skip Intro Scene: Press Esc
    Open Menu: Press Esc

    The bar at the bottom is not a progression bar, but an EXP bar for leveling.
    You can get to level two (I ended the alpha with 2/200)
      Dealing with Macerio: 10
        Choosing to do the seduction game will nab you 10 extra exp for a full 20
      Picking the Blacksmith's lock: 12
      Completing Apprentice: 10
      We Will Write You Back: 20
      Borog's Luck: 20
      The rest you get with conversations with red/purple options

Four quests available as of Alpha 1.0
    One Story Quest – unable to complete as of Alpha 1.0
    Three Side Quests – you are able complete all three
      We Will Write You Back
      Bit of a problem with this mission
      You need to talk to Carmita before anyone else to get all options
      Talk to the Physician about a job
      Talk to Venesa in front of the Hammon about a job

      Need to break into blacksmith’s house
      Find Enzo at the market, green shirted boy in front of Carmita’s stall

      Borog’s Luck
        Talk to Borog at his weapon’s stall
        Talk to Ruupa
        Talk to Gabriel
        Three options here:
          *use your personality trait(has to be high enough) and get the flirting game
          *Use Sleeping Potion
          *Use Lith’s background
        Go to Boiling Maple, talk to Urabau

Obtainable Items:
    Rope -> Stealing from Danilo
    Adeshian Spice -> grab from left side of The Boiling Maple
    Sleeping Potion -> Clinic
    10 Trites -> Outside The Silk’s entrance
    5 Trites -> Silk Entrance
    5 Trites -> Locked Silk Door
    Ildisian Saerine-> From Enzo
    25 Trites-> from Marcel the scholar for the coin
    15 Trites -> from solving the riddle
    3 lockpicks -> from solving the riddle
    HP Potion -> from solving the riddle
    TP Potion -> from solving the riddle
    Diego: The Silk
    Skye: The Boiling Maple

    Find it in the library
    Bottom shelf, dark green book on its side: Ardent Illusion
    Can only be brought up once so here’s the riddle:
    “It’s where the golden river flows. Look under the place where the man of the night stands.”

    ANSWER: highlight
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#412 by Marìlle
Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:47 pm
you are great!! it's very useful, thank you! :D
#414 by Maggie
Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:16 pm
Thanks so much for taking the time to post this!
#438 by Lenore
Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:45 pm
thank you so much for giving what the riddle says!
great post, :D
#527 by oi_bruce
Tue Apr 21, 2015 1:47 am
I'm not sure I ended it... like i said, I'm stuck in 95/100 and it seems there's nothing else i can do
#772 by Ashalya
Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:26 pm
oi_bruce wrote:I'm not sure I ended it... like i said, I'm stuck in 95/100 and it seems there's nothing else i can do

Its possible you didn't choose the option when talking to Macerio that allowed you to do the flirting game, I certainly had problems with this for a bit.
Also, just to add to the guide up above (which is massively helpful btw), you get some money (I think 20) if you have a high cunning skill bar and you choose the 'Management' option, when talking to Macerio (this leads you to the flirting game).
Plus, a mini cameo of Kyra is in the doctor's letter. (Does that count if you don't actually see her?)

Anyway, great post, thanks for posting it :D

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